About us

Freshwater Advisors is a Chicago-based venture development firm and innovation consultancy that connects corporations to entrepreneurial ecosystems. By scouting early stage technologies and evaluating new ventures for investment and partnership opportunities, Freshwater helps corporate clients speed to market new innovations. Freshwater’s proprietary technology platform provides corporations with customized startup portfolios, market insights, and tracking tools to help them effectively scout and engage with innovative startup companies. Since the company’s founding in 2013, Freshwater has worked with 21 major corporations, including 16 Fortune 500 companies.


Our Clients

Freshwater has worked with 25 leading corporations, including numerous Fortune 500 companies. We have expertise across a broad range of industries, including highly regulated areas such as finance, energy, industrial, and healthcare/pharmaceuticals. Freshwater also partners with leading government entities and leading non-profits that build entrepreneurial ecosystems across the country.

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