A Note from David Weinstein – Personal and Professional Update

A Note from David Weinstein – Personal and Professional Update

by freshwateradvisors November 13, 2018

Hello Freshwater Family & Friends!

Greetings from Park City, Utah where I have moved to find my bliss – namely nature, skiing, and entrepreneurship. Seeing so many good friends at the Chicago Innovation Awards last week made me confident that the timing is right to reach out, say hello, and share a brief personal and professional update.

Freshwater Advisors

I’m very happy to report that Freshwater Advisors turned 5 years old in June 2018, and has grown to a team of seven full-time team members with operations in Chicago, Park City and the Los Angeles area.

The power of perseverance, my friends, cannot be underestimated.

Thanks to the strength of our team and advisors, a number of wonderful clients, and a national network of  technology and entrepreneurial ecosystems that we regularly scout and help nourish, Freshwater is humming!

All blessings, as my mother would say. These blessings are why we are focused on continuing to expand upon our work advising some of the country’s leading corporations, including Exelon, Caterpillar, Northwestern Mutual, and Cummins on their tech scouting and innovation initiatives. Our approach has catalyzed meaningful engagements with some of the country’s brightest emerging entrepreneurs and ecosystems globally.

As a team, we will be focusing on sharing more examples of the partnerships we have helped cultivate and nourish through our unique approach to tech scouting. Keep an eye on our website to stay up to date with our “outcome-driven innovation” work.

The Team

While I am living in the mountains near Park City, along with Bruce Carrington our new venture associate, Sara Block and Dave Mack will continue running operations out of our home base at 1871 in Chicago. I look forward to folks in the Chicago tech world to get a chance to meet Brent Berger, our new managing director (and friend for 25+ years), who, working with Beau and Gian, heads up our LA/West Coast operations.

As with all my endeavors, I believe in a strong group of advisors to provide guidance as the Freshwater team continues on its journey by charting new territory with a more formalized set of venture development services. I’m especially grateful to the members of our advisory board, headed up by Bob Zagotta, Rumi Morales, and Craig Mohan, and to the growing group of industry and domain experts that help us best serve our corporate clients to understand and evaluate the emerging technologies that are transforming the global economy.

So, in advance of wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday ahead, we at Freshwater have so much for which to be grateful – especially the friends and family who have supported us on our journey.

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