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Freshwater Advisors is a national innovation consultancy and venture catalyst that fosters co-creation between corporations and entrepreneurial ecosystems to nourish innovation.

We nourish innovation engagements between corporations and startups

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Freshwater Advisors offers an array of services to facilitate our corporate clients’ engagements with early-stage companies.

Startup Scouting

Freshwater Advisors’s core offering is an innovation scouting service: we find highly relevant early stage companies and technologies that align with the strategic interests of our clients, and help them form structured engagements through private demo days.

Corporate innovation program development & management

Freshwater offers program development, management, and administration for corporate “impact” driven initiatives. As corporation innovation evolves to include purpose driven programs around impact investing, we help augment internal resources and utilize our scouting resources and technologies to bring these programs to market and de-risk their management and execution.

Startup landscape assessment

Freshwater conducts best practices research on relevant technology areas and offers high-level insights and reports on the emerging players in different industry verticals.


Freshwater offers tracking, operational support, and relationship management between corporations and their portfolio of startup companies. We also help develop formal tools to structure pilot/prototype engagements and support outcome-driven innovation. We work for numerous corporate venture teams to augment their resources and conduct due diligence on investment opportunities for strategic partnerships.

Venture Catalyst Services

Freshwater provides venture catalyst services to select startups, corporate innovation teams, and emerging technology companies that are seeking strategic advisory services in the areas: market / revenue growth, capital raising strategies, advisory / board development, competitive market analysis, talent acquisition, global market expansion, and strategic partnerships.
Freshwater Advisors Partner Circuit
While many firms offer to help startups, Freshwater actually delivers tangible results. By taking the time to know the team, product and customers, Freshwater has helped make valuable introductions with Customers, Large Corporations and Investors…that actually invested!

Alexander Esposito, CEO


Freshwater Advisors Partner ezinc
The AWS Clean Energy Accelerator delivered in partnership with Freshwater Advisors provided incredible value to our company. Most significant was the plethora of introductions made internally within the broader Amazon group (e.g., Pledge Fund, divisions with interest in pilot opportunities, etc.) and externally with potential partners and customers. Notably, we were introduced to a partner that is now an investor in e-Zinc!

James Larsen, CEO