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Our story

Freshwater Advisors is a national venture catalyst firm and innovation consultancy that connects corporations to entrepreneurial ecosystems.

By scouting early stage technologies and evaluating new ventures for investment and partnership opportunities, Freshwater helps corporate clients speed to market new innovations. Freshwater’s proprietary technology platform provides corporations with customized startup portfolios, market insights, and tracking tools to help them effectively scout and engage with innovative startup companies. Since the company’s founding in 2013, Freshwater has worked with 25 major corporations, including 18 Fortune 500 companies.

Our Work

Research & Market Scans
Partnership Development
Engagement Management
Corporate Innovation IQ
Portfolio Management

Market Intelligence

Freshwater conducts best practices research on relevant technology areas and offers rich insights and reports on the emerging technology players in different industry verticals.

Structured Engagements

In addition to scouting deal flow and conducting due diligence, Freshwater works with corporations to develop formal partnerships and tools for pilot/prototype engagements with startup and emerging growth companies.

Facilitating Deals

Freshwater offers tracking, operational support, and relationship management between corporations and their portfolio of startup companies.

Smarter Innovation

Freshwater offers services that help corporations accelerate their internal innovation practices. We help measure the strength of existing initiatives and create strategies for optimizing innovation IQ.

Technology Delivery

Freshwater offers a digital portfolio and tracking software system. Client teams receive access to a private digital portal populated with customized scouting reports and tracking metrics on startups of interest.

Our Clients


David Weinstein
Founder & CEO

Sara Block
Managing Partner

Bob Zagotta
Co-Chair, Freshwater Advisory Board

Rumi Morales
Co-Chair, Freshwater Advisory Board

Craig Mohan
Co-Chair, Freshwater Advisory Board

John Carpenter
Freshwater Advisory Board

Amy Francetic
Freshwater Advisory Board

Sunil “Sonny” Garg
Freshwater Advisory Board

Brian Hoff
Freshwater Advisory Board

Fred J O’Connor
Freshwater Advisory Board

Andrew Ross
Freshwater Advisory Board

Morgan Andreae
Freshwater Advisory Board

Jaden Lynn
Venture Associate

David Mack
Director of Technology

Rick Knoll
Special Advisor

Stephen Morales
Freshwater Fellow - Life Sciences