Freshwater Advisors - CTO Elena Newton

Elena Newton


Driven to build software products that are viable, valuable, and lovable, Elena excels at turning customer and market insights into strategy – then collaborating across the organization to bring the product vision to life. She is comfortable wearing many hats, considers the customer at every stage, and is fearless in asking, “Are we building what matters?”

Elena has built her software product career on five core capabilities: Customer Passion, Technical Skills, People Skills, Business Acumen, and Market Focus. Her experience leading hybrid and remote product, technical service, and development teams in B2B software and services spans more than 20 years.

Beyond the office, Elena taught herself to code so she could do more faster and has expertise ranging from JavaScript and Ruby on Rails to React (along with a host of infrastructure and support elements). She is an avid reader, holds a red sash in Chen style tai chi, and has done business around the world while living in the US and Singapore.